{NEW!} Juniper Berry - Aerosol Room Spray - 8 EA

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Introducing our Juniper Berry Aerosol Room Spray, a perfect blend of nature’s finest elements designed to invigorate your senses and refresh your living spaces. This enchanting spray captures the essence of a tranquil forest, combining crisp Holly Berries, soothing Camphor, and warm Cardamom with the comforting aromas of Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, and Fir. The scent concludes with the grounding presence of Sandalwood and Cedarwood, enveloping your home in a smooth, earthy warmth. Ideal for any room, this spray quickly eliminates odors and infuses your space with a long-lasting, natural fragrance, creating a welcoming ambiance with every spritz.


Directions: Shake gently. Spray into the air.

Fragrance Notes: Holly Berries, Camphor, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Fir, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

Details: Use time: Depends on frequency of use; shelf-life one year; 5 oz; 1.8"D x 7"H