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Returns & Shipping

+ Refunds / Credits

We will refund or credit the purchase price and any taxes you paid. Shipping charges are nonrefundable. Items should be returned within 30 days and received back in original condition for a full refund. To receive a refund, the original invoice should accompany your return.


+ Exchanges

If your order is incorrect please call customer service at 800-875-3111. We will be glad to help you with the return or exchange. For orders that are incomplete or damaged, we will replace the item with no additional shipping charges.





Please follow the steps below to complete your return:


Circle the item you wish to return.

Provide a telephone number in case we have questions.

Pack your return securely.


Please return the package to -

Panache 3421 Highway 25B North Heber Springs, Arkansas 72543


If shipping via Postal Service, send to -

Panache P.O. Box 203 Heber Springs, AR 72543


~ If you have questions or comments, please call us at 800-875-3111 - a customer service representative will be pleased to help you ~


+ Can I use more than one promotional code?

~ Only one promo code is allowed per order, No combination or additional percentage off of sale products is allowed.

+ What is Decorative Room Fragrance?

~ Aromatique is the Creator of Decorative Room Fragrance. Different from potpourri, Aromatique Decorative Fragrance is bold and definitive, each fragrance creating a distinct ambiance for each room in your home.

~ Aromatique Decorative Fragrances contain large distinctive botanicals designed to serve as decorative accessories. •Aromatique products contain exact concentrations of specially blended oils to obtain true and lasting fragrance.

~ Aromatique Decorative Fragrances are renewable with Refresher Oils and Room Sprays. Each fragrance line offers companion refresher oils, room sprays, candles, and a variety of accessories.

~ Each bag of Aromatique Decorative Fragrance is hand-packaged with the contents carefully layered and arranged. One bag of Decorative Fragrance requires the work of three people to package.

+ Why are some Decorative Fragrances stronger than others?

~ Some fragrances are characteristically more intense than others. For example, The Smell of Christmas (citrus and cinnamon) is more intense than The Smell of Spring (light floral). Also, high humidity and warm temperatures increase fragrance intensity, while low humidity and low temperatures decrease fragrance intensity. Over exposure to sunlight may decrease fragrance intensity and fade botanicals

+ What is a fragrance carrier?

~ Fragrance carriers are the materials in each Aromatique Decorative Fragrance that absorb the oils and enable the fragrance to provide long lasting enjoyment. They are not the same in each Decorative Fragrance. However, they do have one very important characteristic in common: they must be made of a porous material. Many fragrances utilize custom-cut and properly cured wood curls and chips as the fragrance "carriers". Sometimes mushrooms, porous rocks or man-made stones are used as fragrance carriers.

+ What is the best way to open a bag of Decorative Fragrance?

~ Aromatique double packs each bag of decorative fragrance by hand, with the contents carefully layered and arranged for the most appealing presentation. The decorative botanicals are placed between two layers of cellophane bags while the remaining bulk fragrance is placed into the inner bag.

~ When opening a new bag of Aromatique Decorative Fragrance, carefully slit the side of the bag and place the bulk decorative fragrance into a large Aromatique bowl. Then peel apart the two bag layers and remove the decorative botanicals. Artfully arrange the decorative botanicals on top.

+ How do you use Refresher Oil to extend the life of your Aromatique Decorative Fragrance?

~ Remove the large, more decorative botanicals and set aside. Fragrance oil may discolor the beauty of these botanicals. Place the remaining bulk fragrance into a plastic bag. Add half a bottle of Refresher Oil to contents, close the bag, and shake to distribute the oil. The wooden curls are nature's sponges, first absorbing and then carrying the fragrance to your home. Allow the contents to absorb the oil, then return the fragrance to the Aromatique container and arrange the decorative botanicals on top.

+ How often should I refresh my Aromatique Decorative Fragrance?

~ For home use, Aromatique recommends refreshing your decorative fragrance every month or two. The size of the room as well as the dryness or humidity in the room should be taken into consideration to determine how frequently the product needs to be refreshed.

+ Do Aromatique candle wicks contain lead?

~ No, Aromatique candle wicks are lead-free. Aromatique wicks are manufactured in the United States, and only pure zinc-core wicks are used for safe, high-quality performance. Product Safety: Decorative Fragrance


*Caution should be used to keep any Aromatique product containing oils well out of the reach of children and pets. In case of "inquisitive" ingestion or skin contact, call your state's Poison Control Center or your family physician.

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